Engine Carbon Cleaning


Helping you deal with contamination and engine carbon build-up

David's Auto Repairs provide a total engine carbon cleaning and decarbonizing service, gently stripping away the engine carbon deposit layers to keep your engine humming well - almost like vacuuming your home to stay healthy!

David's Auto Repairs provide engine carbon cleaning for petrol engines and diesel induction engines. Improve your car mileage with the best Engine Cleaning Service in Goonellabah and call us now!


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Clean your engine contamination

During normal everyday use of vehicle dirt, varnishes and carbon deposits accumulate in the engine, on intake valves and the combustion areas, impairing the normal functioning of your car. It is very common for all vehicles to have some amount of carbon buildup in the engine. The contaminants in your fuel system increase the gas consumption, reduce your car's performance and may be the cause for various engine malfunctions, including increased fuel consumption, more harmful emissions and the potential for costly repairs if left unserviced by a professional mechanic. Call David's Auto Repairs now and have our mechanics diagnose your car engine!

David's Auto Repairs welcomes you to a high tech, environment friendly Engine Carbon Cleaning Service:
• remove carbon deposit and dirt contamination
• reduce emissions and pollution
• restore torque and engine horsepower
• minimise friction for smoother operating of engine
• optimise combustion efficiency
• prolong engine life
• cleaning with a chemical free and non-toxic method

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When your engine is contaminated with dirt, varnish and carbon deposits, the car can no longer perform in your accustomed style and asks to book a service with your local mechanic. Traditional engine tune-up can't remove carbon build up or circumvent symptoms of malfunctioning engine like reduced acceleration or power, stalling engine, increases in petrol usage, pollution and engine that hesitates or idles rough.

Our engine carbon cleaning solution removes all deposits of carbon from the engine, as well as cleans the dirt and other contaminants, restoring the engine to near new state, helping you save on fuel and making the fuel system and the entire engine functioning more efficiently. If you are not satisfied with your car's peformance - call David's Auto Repairs now, have your car and engine diagnosed and cleaned!


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