Car Air Conditoning


Now a common feature in most modern cars, car air conditioning systems cool the vehicle and its occupants in hot weather.

Sweating in your car lately? To maintain consistent efficient cool air inflow in the summer and warm dehumified air in winter, have your air con system inspected by your local trusted mechanic. To guarantee your car air con is in its best condition and would run smoothly you can book an air con service online or call David's Auto Repairs now!

David's Auto Repairs is authorised by ARC (licence # AU05144) to perform Air Conditioning Service.

Your car air conditioning filters pollutants and airborne dust particles to keep clean air inside your car, creating an odour free and pleasant environment regardless of the conditions outside. To keep to optimum condition, the car air conditioning system should be run at least once a week. This is especially crucial in winter as when usused, the seals within the system can dry up and shrink, potentially costing more in new parts and repair when it breaks down.

car air conditoning service in Goonellabah by Repco Authorised Car Service

Your air conditoner is designed to move heat from the inside of your car to outside and bring cold air in. By analogy, it functions similarly to a refrigerator, and since it operates outdoors under stressful conditions, it requires regular maintenance - just like any modern technology that contains many parts. Call us now or book a repair online!

Why does the car air conditioner need to be recharged?

Simply by cooling the air in your car under normal running conditions, the filters get dirty, seals may dry, pipes get leaks and the air con system can lose up to 15% of its refrigerant in a year - so in just three years the refrigerant in the system may have dropped to half of the original levels. Low fluids can prevent efficient air cleaning and even damage the air con unit. It is a good idea to have your air conditioning system inspected in your regular car servicing check-ups to prolong the life of the air con system. Even without leaks, the gas in a car air con system should be recharged in the first four years of expluatation and every two-three years after that, just to keep the air con system at peak running condition.

Why should I get my air con serviced?

You should be in full confidence that all the air con components are in full working condition, instead of simply noting the gradual decrease of output as natural wearing down of the car parts under use. Regular air con system servicing ensures the refrigerant levels are topped up, the pressures are correct, hoses, pipes, seals are properly functioning and there are no leaks.

Car Air Conditioning Goonellabah

Your air conditioning system keeps the atmosphere in the interior of your vehicle pleasant and enjoyable.

Air Conditioning Service by Davids Auto Repairs

Better air during your car journeys allow you to concentrate better and safely arrive at your destination. Our mechanics have years of experience installing and servicing air conditioning systems in commercial and private vehicles. Call David's Auto Repairs in Goonellabah NSW now or make a car service appointment online!

What happens during an air conditioning service?

Our Repco Auto Tech trained mechanics typically discharge the refrigerant and clear the system from moisture with a high vacuum pump. A visual inspection is performed on all components, ensuring the connection and drive elements, as well as wiring and operating elements are in optimum condition. If needed, the dryer and interior filter are replaced. The system is then recharged with the manufacturer specified amount of refrigerant and our mechanics perform a functional and leak test, documenting the results. Call us for a free car service quote or use our online booking form now!

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